• Microsoft Announces New Service to Protect Enterprise Customers
    [March 3, 2016] Microsoft announced a new service called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which it calls the next step in its efforts to protect enterprise customers. The service helps enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks, building on existing security features in Windows 10. There’s a new post-breach layer of protection. “With a […]
  • 44% of Enterprises To Increase Security Spending
    [January 12, 2016] A new study is out from 451 Research finding that while many enterprises plan on upping their spending on information security, staffing obstacles remain a major issue. According to the research, 44% of enterprises will increase their budget in the next 90 days. Only 4% plan on decreasing their security budgets. “While security budgets are […]
  • Identity inconvenience to the fore in 2016
    [December 4, 2015] The topic of identity ought to be front of mind for most of us at the moment following the horrific Paris attacks last week. The ability of the terrorists to freely move around France and to and from Belgium and elsewhere in the European Union highlights the flip side of the convenience and freedoms we’re […]
  • Businesses Are Getting Improved Privacy Control & Security When Using Google Drive
    [October 2, 2015] Google says the number of paying organizations actively using Google Drive crossed a million earlier this year. The company is taking steps to improve security and privacy protection for Drive as well as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education. For one, Google Drive is getting enhanced eDiscovery for Google Apps Vault, which […]
  • According To A Survey, Enterprises Find It Challenging To Go Fully Digital
    [August 21, 2015] BMC is sharing results from a survey of fortune 1000 company IT managers, finding that only five percent of those polled have fully implemented digital services and mobile technologies, though sixty-three percent are currently working on incorporating them.
  • Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys Are A New Addition To Google’s Compute Engine
    [July 31, 2015] In Google Cloud Platform news, Google announced the addition of Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys for Google Compute Engine in beta. This will enable you to bring your own keys to encrypt compute resources, the company says.
  • Improve Your Security Questions/Answers
    [May 29, 2015] Everyone’s favorite food is pizza, so when a site asks you to provide an answer for the security question What’s your favorite food, don’t say pizza. Providing answers to security questions is something we’re all very familiar with, as it’s been a tool for account security and recovery for a long time. But are these […]
  • New IT Survey Studies Security Attitudes and Behaviors In Different Industries
    [April 24, 2015] Biscom shared some results of a new IT Survey finding that although regulated industries say security is a high concern, many are still using solutions that are inadequate for protecting their data. The survey compared attitudes and behaviors related to enterprise security across 13 industries including healthcare, financial services, retail, computer hardware, software, and manufacturing. […]
  • Can Google Inbox Be Trusted For Work Email?
    [March 6, 2015] Last fall, Google launched Inbox by Google, a new email app, which it hopes will one day replace Gmail for both people and businesses. It’s still unclear if that will be a mandatory change for Gmail users somewhere down the road, but for right now it’s opt-in, and still only available by invitation.
  • Cisco Announces Intentions To Purchase Neohapsis
    [January 16, 2015] Cisco announced that it intends to acquire Neohapsis, a company which offers network, cloud, and app security, as well as IT risk and compliance services. Cisco says it will use the acquisition to help customers build security capabilities and overcome operational and technical vulnerabilities, as well as “achieve a comprehensive view of their risks, take […]
  • New Security Tools Comes to Google for Work
    [December 5, 2014] Facebook may be preparing to grab some of the workplace market share, but other, more seasoned vets of the space have hardly slowed down in improving their own offerings. For example, last week, Microsoft announced Skype Document Chat for Office Online, enabling collaboration via Skype.
  • Report Claims Three Quarters of Mobile Apps Will Fail Basic Security Tests Through 2015
    [October 3, 2014] In general, we shouldn’t consider mobile apps particularly secure for the foreseeable future. That is if Gartner is correct in its latest analysis. The firm said this week that over 75% of mobile apps will fail basic security tests through 2015. This is not particularly comforting for businesses.
  • Zocalo Opens as Amazon’s Enterprise Storage Service
    [September 12, 2014] Last month, Amazon introduced a new enterprise storage service called Amazon Zocalo. Until now, it has been in limited preview, but the company just announced its general availability.
  • Blackberry Buys Out Anti-Eavesdropping Company Secusmart
    [August 1, 2014] BlackBerry announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Secusmart, a voice and data encryption company, which makes “anti-eavesdropping” solutions for government organizations and companies.
  • New Privacy and Security Features Come To Google Apps Vault
    [June 20, 2014] Google launched Apps Vault for Apps for Business customers about two years ago. It’s aimed at helping businesses reduce costs of litigation, regulatory investigation, and compliance.
  • AOL Security Breach: Emails Accounts Compromised
    [May 9, 2014] AOL is reporting a serious security breach with their email service, which I believe is a wake-up call for a lot of us. This latest email security breach involved people trying to make email appear that they’re from people you recognize: to get you to click on a link. This has happened countless times with […]
  • Global Software Revenue Rises As PC Hardware Struggles
    [April 11, 2014] The PC market is in a funk, with PC manufacturers scrambling to find a way to make desktop and notebook PCs relevant within the new reality of mobile tablets and smartphones. That doesn’t mean, however, that the software companies providing the applications for the PC market are headed the same way. As businesses and consumers […]
  • Review: Hotspot Shield Elite VPN
    [March 14, 2014] How often are you connecting to the Internet via a shared or public wifi network? Too often, if you’re not also paying close attention to your online security, because almost any data you send via an open wifi can be captured and analyzed by hackers or even spyware. Enter the virtual private network, or VPN. […]
  • Biometric Security Coming To Your Workplace?
    [February 7, 2014] With the workplace becoming more mobile and bring-you-own-device programs beginning to become popular, more businesses than ever now need potent mobile security. While the mobile security software industry will certainly become a major segment of the business-to-business tech market in the coming years, mobile hardware security will also become a billion-dollar market by the end […]
  • Mobile Malware Is The Main Security Concern For 2014
    [January 3, 2014] As the tech industry has shifted to become more mobile in recent years, cybercrime has also quickly adjusted to the times. McAfee Labs is now predicting that mobile exploits will be where the most growth of the security industry will be focused in 2014.
  • Private Communities Added To Google+
    [November 13, 2013] Whether or not you associate Google with privacy, it has always been a major component of Google+. From the beginning, Google’s “circles” sharing concept enabled the kind of social sharing experience that wasn’t available on competing social platforms. In fact, it even prompted Facebook to offer a similar option to its users.
  • Security Is A Priority For Yahoo Mail
    [October 16, 2013] Yahoo has not been making the best headlines in the realms of Yahoo Mail or security lately, but now, they’ve revealed a move that should help with that.
  • Security managers feel apps are vulnerable
    [September 12, 2013] Some interesting research findings have revealed some startling findings when it comes to the state of application security. Quotium research shows the large majority of security managers feel their organization’s applications are still vulnerable to hacker attacks, despite best efforts to employ wide range of solutions to prevent application threats. One of the most interesting […]
  • With Big Trusteer Acquisition, IBM Is Set To Launch Super Security Lab
    [August 23, 2013] IBM announced on Thursday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire security company Trusteer.
  • The U.S. Tech Industry Is Hurt By The Existence Of PRISM
    [August 2, 2013] In early June, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the existence of PRISM. The leaked slides allege that the NSA has direct access to servers belonging to major tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The companies denied that they gave direct access to the NSA, but many argued that the mere existence of PRISM […]